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Two Days left!

on February 28, 2018

Hi All,
Two more days to go! So, what happens next?

The read-a-thon closes on March 2nd. If you are approached about donations after this date, please direct to me and I will guide that sponsor.

Please encourage your students to use their “rat bucks” in the Rat Store. They will have until March 12th and then it closes. No exceptions.

I will announce our top reader winner and top three classes on Monday March 5th.

Prizes from the Rat Store will be shipped to me. I will pass them out according after Spring Break.

We will “celebrate” our success on March 12th during morning assembly. We will have students who raised at least $25 duct tape Dr. Lanoue to the wall.

We will also present prizes to our top reader (s) and our top three Teachers.

So, with two more days…where do we stand? As of this e-mail, our total raised is $7,286.45 (PTO will get $5,464.85).

Top Five:

We have 2 students who are currently tied for 1st. Both in Ms. Vittitoe’s class.

Fundraisers are only as good as our supporters and how we communicate. We currently have 429 sponsors. We have approximately 35% of our students participating. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished this far…but could you imagine a higher participation percentage? These monies raised for PTO go back directly to Teachers and Students.

Thank you again for supporting this fundraiser.

Questions/concerns/comments/donations after March 2nd, please contact:
Brandy Gary —brandy

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