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KinderSmarties News

on August 11, 2016

How can I help my child at home?

I am sending home your child’s progress on identifying letters.

If your child doesn’t know his/her letters, please make every effort to daily practice them. I am sending an alphabet chart with suggestions on how to use it on the back.


      Behaviors to work on:

Students are doing very well for the most part.  I have about 3-4

students who are not listening and following what I’m asking. But the

majority are falling into routines well.

   Rules are:  Listen and obey.

                                                                           Be nice.

                                                                 Make smart choices.


Sometimes it helps if you ask: What if everyone did that?  That way

you can better see how seemingly innocent behaviors can get us

so far off track.



Please make every effort to look at the notes I send and clean out

your child’s folder.  Thanks!


      Great Technology Tools for You!        amazing site for math and letter work      math games and mommy help     games for reading     search letter b songs or counting songs…etc.

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