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on January 29, 2016

Happy Friday!

You and your kiddos worked hard on all that snow day work! It wasn’t mandatory but it’s nice to know we all are motivated by the same thing….CHOCOLATE! If your child didn’t give you your candy bar…they are in big trouble! J

A few things to keep in mind:

1. Our money and adding 3 numbers assessment will be Thursday or Friday. Keep letting them sort coins and call by name and value. (penny is worth 1, nickel is worth 5, dime is worth 10)

2. Kids are still struggling to hear and write the blends when they write. Please help them by telling them a word with a blend on it and have them write it. Then have them underline the blend. I’ll send home a sheet with them on it.

Upcoming Events:

2-5 Souperbowl Day – wear your favorite team gear!

2-9 PTO Quarterly Meeting 6:30 pm

2-9 Chick-fil-a Spirit Day

2-12 Valentines Party 10 – 11:30

2-15 No School / Teacher Work Day

During the month of February we are having a penny war to see what classroom can collect the most extra change for Pennies for Patients. The class that collects the most will receive a Jibby’s Frozen Yogurt Party. Thanks for your help.

101st day was so great! I’ll post pictures on our website of Christmas and 101st day this weekend…(hopefully!)


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