Mrs. Renner's Smarties

We are all Smarties


on September 11, 2015

1. Friday, September 25 will be our Apple Day! If you would like to help out with our snacking and writing portions of the day, you can arrive at 12:45 to help set up while they are in the learning lab. When we pick them up at 1:15 we will be all ready to go. At 1:20 they will get to taste their apple foods. Then we will graph their favorite. Last, they will write about this experience. (Here is a sample of what I’m kind of hoping for.)

Today was apple day! We learned about Johnny Appleseed. He planted apples all around our area. Then we played apple games. Last, we tasted apple snacks and talked about our favorite. Today was fun!

We have writers all over the place. Some will write more, some less. The main job is to think about what we did, put it in that order and stretch sounds so that each word is spelled like it sounds. (Unless they are sight words that we have had before) It will probably turn out more like this…

Today wuz apl day! We lrned abot Johnny Appleseed. He pantd apls we payd game las we tas apl snaks and tokt ubot wut we liked. Today wuz fun

So your job (if you would like) will be like mine…to walk around and just help kids stretch words, say the sentences they are thinking about, etc. If you would rather not do that part, then you will be cleaning up after our tasting party. Both parts are important and I will let you choose what you’re comfortable with.

2. If you haven’t returned your mid-term, please do.

3. I think we finally have our kinks worked out of our system of communication. But just for over-clarification:

Our daily home folder-on the home practice sheet– is the place where we write notes back and forth. I collect them on Monday, record reading minutes from the previous week, answer any notes that I’ve missed through the week and then I actually copy them and put the originals in your child’s next Friday folder for you to keep.

Daily word work from stations are sent home in that folder. Something that might not be able to wait is sent in that folder. Any color sheets, extra work, etc. is sent in that home folder daily.

The IMPORTANT stuff goes in the Friday folder so you have access to the most important progress and work samples all in one place. It is also where I send most of the office and community communication. Please TAKE ALL THOSE PAPERS OUT, PUT THE HOME PRACTICE SHEET INSIDE IT, sign the form on the inside of the folder and return that GREEN FRIDAY FOLDER ON MONDAY.

As always, write or call me if you have any questions. As most of you have found out, I do respond…just not always right away!

I’m so thankful for each of you and the love, attention, and work you put in with your children after a long, hard day of work. You are a blessing.

Your partner,


812 786 1008

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