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Last Note of the Year

on May 9, 2014

Now that I have your attention! J

Oh Yes, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…. Friday, May 23rd 10:30-11:30

Mark your calendar for the most precious moment since the pumpkin play!

Your children have been reading and learning poems and songs all year to improve their listening and reading fluency. On this day they have chosen some of their favorites to share with you. And I have to tell you they are so precious it might even make you forget that fit they just threw the other day! Haha! Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or anyone your child loves are all welcome to attend as long as they have a background check submitted and approved. I’ve attached a background check form…just fill it out and return it to school and Millie will do the rest! If you need more than one copy just make a copy or come by the office and Millie will be happy to help!

Next week will be a crazy fun week filled with surprises. I don’t want to give it away but I will be purchasing 3 very specific Dollar Store things for some hands on learning. 3 X 25=$75! If you would like to donate a few dollars toward that my husband would thank you for that! J But if you can’t donate PLEASE know that I will be totally fine with that. I know that sometimes it’s hard to find 3 nickels let alone 3 dollars. And speaking of donating dollars…

Ms. Jackson has been visiting our classroom once each month to have a 30 minute lesson in Science. She brings a powerpoint with beautiful close up pictures of plants, animals, and other amazing things. Your children LOVE when Ms. Jackson comes. Ask them about it. Ask them what kinds of subjects she has taught them about. It is a FREE program that our first grade team signs up for each year. (I believe kindergarten and second grade does as well) They have cut funding for her program significantly (Conservation Education Fund). She NEVER says anything about that in class and is humble and passionate about what she does. If you would like to donate money at any point in the year or years to come please contact

Floyd County Soil & Water Conservation
2524 Corydon Pike Suite 103
New Albany IN 47150

Angela Jackson – Conservation Educator

Our last days together will be filled with schedule changes and surprises. But I also will expect their behavior to be characterized by self-control and kindness. I have already experienced a decline in their patience with one another due to being over-tired. Please maintain their 8:00 bedtime if at all possible. I know there are times when it won’t happen, but please make efforts for a full 10-12 hours of sleep.

On the last day of school I always have a water fight. I ask that you purchase sometime between now and the last day a spray water bottle. NO GUNS! They can be found in the gardening section of most stores. Please check that it works before you send it in…disappointed children who can’t spray their teacher doesn’t make for a very good farewell. J Please put your child’s name on it somewhere or I can also do it here at school—I’ve got LOTS of Sharpies! J

So as our year wraps up, how can I help you? I will not be retaining any children. So if that is a concern, please know that I feel comfortable about sending your children on even if they are below level in a few areas they are young and have many opportunities to learn and grow in this wonderful school. What do you need from me? I will send a few items like a second grade word list as well as our 1st grade word list, and some strategies to keep their skills fresh over the summer. But what else? Let me know how I can make this transition a smooth one.

My hope is that I’ve given them a love for school, a love for learning and changing, a love and respect for authority, an appreciation for how we are all different-yet truly the same, a year full of (mostly) laughter and that they know they will always be loved and cherished by me.

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