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on April 22, 2014

I sent home ways to spell long o on Friday of last week. Next week it will be long u spellings. Please remember we are in the transfer stage of the year. I am not sending home a list of words that are on the test. I will choose words the kids have seen in their books, in their word study and in the old word wall lists. As you study, think about the words they might have to spell and make word family lists with them. Get them familiar with the patterns of the long o spellings. The kids did very well for the most part on the last 3 word tests. J

In other news:

Our book fair will begin the week of April 21. This makes our day for the book fair Tuesday, April 22. If you want to come in, please feel free! Our time is 12:55-1:31. I also have sent the Scholastic Book Club order form and you can order from there as well or skip the Scholastic Book Club this time and just order from the Book Fair.

Our Spring Festival is on April 25 6:30-8:30. If you would like to help out with this fun event, please send me a note! J

Don’t forget about our million minute challenge! And we have several students who have earned their reading medallion for our reading program in first grade!!! It takes 315 minutes to earn the medallion! Please do not let your child miss out. I have 3 students who have NOT turned any minutes in….YIKES!

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