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on February 7, 2014

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What a strange month or so! I have to admit…I sure am enjoying the time off with my 4 children! I feel like I have a good handle on laundry, housekeeping and attitudes. J (Aren’t these the magic 3 things every mother struggles with?!)

This on and off school relationship, however, is messing up our goals. So you just need to disregard our timeline and I’ll share our goals with you.

Math: My goal is to make sure every child continues to strengthen place value understanding, can add 3 numbers efficiently (no fingers and no objects), and can write a number sentence and solve a word problem with 3 addends. Today I will do a worksheet that involves the latter two and you can see where your child falls. This will be an informal assessment, not one that counts toward their overall math grade. Even when we are out of school please work on these math goals to make our time IN class really count! It is easy to look on google or pinterest to find activities you can do at home to strengthen them in this area.

Place value understanding should be solidly understanding that the number 73 is really 70 and 3 more, as well as the understanding that 70 is a much larger number than 3. They also need to understand that the reason 7 is 70 is because it is in the tens place. So, 70 is 7 tens or 7 groups of ten.

Word Study: My goal is that every child knows how to spell EVERY SINGLE word on our quarter 2 and quarter 3 word lists AND can use those words to read and write new and unknown words. Your child’s word assessments show you exactly what I mean and will continue to hold your child accountable. I will only give you the 5-7 words of the week that match our SRA lesson. It is your child’s responsibility to pay attention during that lesson and be able to take away and practice those strategies in reading and writing. During our literacy stations your child almost exclusively is working on those skills and those particular words. I will most likely give the assessment from this week on Monday. I don’t feel your children are ready for the test over the words:

who zoo new blue use

So you have another weekend to help them see the pattern of the oo sound. (use is not the oo sound, but is the long u sound which we have already covered. I use that word to contrast the oo and long u sounds. Your children continue to struggle with the difference between the ar sound as in star and the or sound as in stork and the er/ir/ur sound as in bird. These have to be mastered ASAP! The sounds that are coming are: aw, ow/ou, oi/oy. THOSE ARE SOOOOO HARD FOR THEM TO REMEMBER! If they are still struggling with the ar/or/er sounds…..OH MY! You will find them struggling. I can’t have them trying to decode words with those chunks for very long. It will cause them to not be able to pass their reading test for 3rd quarter! Yikes!

Your next 3 word lists are attached on a pink paper with a groundhog and valentine candy box. Put them somewhere your child will be able to see and practice even when you’re not around.

Writing: Our writing instruction has been hit or miss. My expectations for their abilities will match my instruction. I will not hold them accountable for things they’ve not been given sufficient enough time to practice. If you want your child to excel, please make sure they are 100% of the time putting a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and correct punctuation at the end. Also make sure they stretch words and get ALL the sounds they hear in a word written. (It is less important for them to spell hard words correctly…it is more important for them to get all the sounds in a hard word. As I give them more and more spelling patterns, their traditional spelling should improve.)

Reading: Last, my expectation for reading is that your child is reading EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. And turn those minutes in…even if you text, email, call, etc. We are past that point where they can just read sometimes. If the things I’m teaching will stick, they HAVE to be practicing them independently….away from me and away from my guided reading group table. You are the key. Make it fun. Make it special mommy time or daddy time. Praise their strategies!

Praise their strategies! Praise their strategies! Praise their strategies!

Praise their strategies! Praise their strategies! Praise their strategies!

Many thanks for all you do to help your child be as successful as he/she can be!

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