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on October 25, 2013

What is going on in Smarties World??

1. Tonight kiddos can dress up in their Halloween costumes and come to school for trick or treating. There is a movie in the gym and you can walk the halls with your kiddo to collect the ALL important candy of the season! J I’ll be in our room and hope to see you all here! Start time is 6:30 and I believe we go until 8?

2. I accidentally forgot to go to our bounce house party! I know, I know, HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?! Let’s just say I love being with your babies and sometimes we get lost in discovery and learning. But because they were AWESOME at collecting box tops and we got 3rd place….I’m going to do another party/gift/prize. Today we will talk together about some options and I’ll let you know how we decide to celebrate.

3. Next week we are full of party surprises! With the box top make up prize being one, we also have a Halloween party Thursday morning from 10-12 and a MONSTER PARTY on Friday. We will be watching Monsters Inc. as part of our fun. (Does anyone have that on DVD that I might borrow or have?) Michelle Utley is putting together a fun filled morning on Thursday. Be sure to contact her if you want to help out. indianaroyalty or 502 594 4721.

4. Conference notes went home yesterday so they wouldn’t get lost among the Friday commotion. Our conference day is set as Election Day, Nov. 5. Please fill that out and return as soon as possible. It’s a long day and I have to be creative so that I can meet with everyone. I also am willing to meet on different days if that day doesn’t work out for anyone. Please just jot a note on the form and let me know if you have any special circumstances. Report cards will be given to you at that time.

5. I sent a Highlights magazine note yesterday as well. Regardless of whether you say yes or no, please sign and return. I get bigger prizes the more forms that are turned in! They are not concerned with yes or no, but that everyone is offered. So please get that to me ASAP so I can order the fun prizes.

6. Our school is starting an initiative where we will keep track of how many minutes our kiddos are reading at home. Research is overwhelmingly agreeing that the BIGGEST difference between kiddos that read on grade level or above and kiddos that read below grade level is the reading away from school component. Friends, I cannot do ANYTHING about that. I cannot make your child read at home. I cannot get them on level if they are not reading away from my guided reading table. The skills and strategies that we practice and learn here HAVE to be done without me or else they will always always always need an adult to prompt them. They have to internalize the strategies by using them often. So not only do your kiddos need to read every night for 20 minutes, but they have to be using strategies when they are stuck on a new/unknown word. Don’t let them just read the familiar words and skip all the new/unknown words. Ask them what they can do to figure it out. There are at least 7 different things they can do to help themselves.

Starting this weekend, please keep track of how many minutes your child is reading each night. The form will stay in your child’s homework folder and I will collect it each Friday. Dr. Lanoue will collect this information from each classroom k-4 and we will graph it in the gym for ALL to see!!! I’m really excited about how this will impact your children. Because of this new initiative, I will be making a read at home bag for each child with books on his/her own reading level. Of course your child is more than welcome to read other books, but the books on their reading level give them an opportunity to read most of the words right while only needing strategy work on a few here and there. They should understand what they have read. If they do not, please have them reread and think while they are reading. Bags will start coming home on Monday. Please keep them in your child’s backpack so they don’t get mixed up with your books from home. And if your child finds the books too easy or too hard, please oh please let me know so I can switch them out. Please partner with me in this. J

7. Reading and Writing: We are learning about non-fiction text and learning that writing non-fiction is different than personal narratives.

8. Math: We are still working on understanding place value to the hundredth place. Our kiddos should know how to write their numbers from 1-120 by the end of this quarter. Your children mostly have struggled with the number 120. That tells me they still don’t understand place value and how what a digit is worth depends on where it is written. For example: Because the digit, 2 is in the tens place, it is worth 20…not 2.

We are also continuing to work with addition and subtraction.

9. Word study words for next week are:

car when school came that

We will be working with the /ar/ and /wh/ sounds

10. I think that is all, but I will let you know if I think of more! J Call or write if you need anything!

Jeanna Renner
1st Grade Teacher

*Are you an answer to someone’s prayer today, or are you the reason they had to pray?*

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