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What Can You Do With An Apple?

on September 20, 2013

In my quest to make learning lots of fun and to include families in school whenever possible, I have borrowed what I think is a very cute, clever idea. I hope you’ll agree. My proposed question is:

“What can you do with an apple?”

I’d like you to work with your child to create something with an apple. Use it as a learning activity or just plain fun. The idea is to take part in an activity with your child that relates to his/her world. We will be studying Johnny Appleseed next week and I’d like to have these creations to help us celebrate the apple in a unique way. Scroll down to last year’s kids if you’d like examples from past years. There are more examples on prior page too!

Have fun! Please turn your apple project in on Monday, September 23st. They will be our decorations for apple week!

Thanks so much!

First Grade Teachers

Jeanna Renner
1st Grade Teacher

*Are you an answer to someone’s prayer today, or are you the reason they had to pray?*

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