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A few things…ok…a LOT of things!

on September 16, 2013

I am sending home a seek and find along with a rainbow write sheet if you want to use it to practice this week. It’s NOT homework.

I also am sending home our calendar of skills for the rest of September and October in word study. I am not always EXACTLY on the right day because sometimes the children need more time with specific skills. I am very close, however. Today we /r/, tomorrow we will do /f/, Wednesday I will do /g/ and Thursday I will do /j/. Friday we will do /u/. I know, I’m off almost a week! So next week’s spelling list will probably cover more of the same sounds as this week. That way the words will match my lessons better! But just wanted to give you a path to follow with your child if you want.

Talent Show Tickets are on sale now! Look for the salmon colored paper in your child’s folder!

Apple Project paper is also in your child’s folder. Deadline to turn that in is Monday, September 23, but you can turn it in at any time.

If your child hasn’t already told you about, you have to check it out! Go to the site and click grade one. There are word study and math games. check out the base ten fun game. This is what they are studying in school right now.

The Box Tops contest begins next week!

Wednesday is spirit night at Zestos. Our school gets 20% of the proceeds.



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