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Our Weekly Update!

on September 13, 2013

Happy Friday!!! We had a busy week! Mid-terms went home, guided reading continued, we made a fall decoration, we started switching out books from our book baskets, we counted and counted and counted in different ways with different manipulative toys and we practiced more about adding details to writing by thinking about what people would want to know about our topic.

Eason and Aubrey taught us a thing or two in Writer’s Workshop as we dug deeper into their personal narrative. What great work I am starting to see in writing! They are starting to realize that the things we are practicing on the carpet during our phonics and words lessons directly affect their reading and writing! Yay!

Continue to have your child study the words I send home each week and if they know those words please oh please partner with me by having them use those words to make/spell/write other words. For example: On today’s word study test I asked your child to use the word all (which is sitting right on the word wall and was supposed to be mastered already) to spell the word call and wall. Now it would be interesting for you to know that I said, “Look at the word wall. These are the words we have already studied and had on our test. I am going to have you use some of those words to see if you can make new words. Think about how to spell all. Add one thing to make the new word call. (Now, go check and see if your child got the words call and wall correct.) For some of the kiddos there is no connection. The answers are practically given to them. So if you practice this strategy with as many words as you can, just think about how many new words you will be adding to your child’s reading and writing vocabulary!!!!!

The three words that most kiddos missed from this test: are back all

Next week’s focus words that match our phonics and word study lessons will be:

jump your of got not

To further help you understand the importance of what we are working with, I will let you in on a mini research project that I did. J

I looked at every child’s list of words they knew from quarter one (that I already gave you…like a checklist). I averaged all of my students who were currently reading below level and found that those kiddos missed an average of 19 sight words from quarter one. I averaged those who were reading on grade level. Their average of missed quarter one words was 4. Those reading above average missed only 1 out of that whole sight word list from quarter one. Check your kiddo’s paper and make sure you get them to quickly be able to read those words. Some of you are asking what is the most important thing you can do to help them as a reader.

1. Make sure they KNOW those words without hesitation.

2. Talk to them a LOT. Answer those annoying questions! I know….I know!!!

3. Read to them.

4. Talk to them a LOT.

5. Let them sit on your lap and read/talk about books.

6. Talk to them a LOT.

Next week a special apple project will be coming home for you to do with your child. We will honor a special man named John Chapman who planted many apple trees in our state.

Your child is bringing home some special paper that they chose because they wanted to create a story on their own at home! If they bring it in I will help them publish it and put it into our classroom boxes for the other students to read. J

Jeanna Renner
1st Grade Teacher

*Are you an answer to someone’s prayer today, or are you the reason they had to pray?*

One response to “Our Weekly Update!

  1. Kathy says:

    I wish I had a first grader again (well, sort of)! JR rocks!

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