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Spelling, Reading and Shhhh! A surprise!

on September 6, 2013

I wasn’t able to get a newsletter together this week but wanted to give you the spelling focus words for the upcoming week.

big back are get did

Three of the words can be blended and we’ve talked a LOT about how to blend kindergarten letter sounds to make a word. The words back and are may trick them a little. Back is tricky because it has a ck instead of just a k. Are is tricky because it doesn’t follow any phonetic rules. This is why we call it a sight word…you just have to know it by sight. Please help them with these words and continue to keep the quarter one list a focus of your attention so they can progress in reading.

Today’s word study assessment will be sent home on Monday. Most of the children passed with an 80% or above. 3 little friends still need some practice so check it out and see if your child is one of those friends.

Reading groups started this week. I did not meet with every child but will be getting a more predictable schedule soon. I didn’t see many of our mommies and daddies at our school literacy night. That was a great wealth of information. I will send home a copy of the powerpoint to all my parents as well as a neat hand-out that shows what level your child should be on at the end of this grading period and where they will end up at the end of the first grade. I also have a little bookmark gift for you that matches (mostly) the strategies that are on the powerpoint. At the literacy night I explained all of the reading strategies in depth and gave an example of what that might sound like during one of our guided reading groups. It is a great resource for you to help your child grow as a reader and know what to say to guide them when they get "stuck" on a tricky word. Please let me know if you want to come in and talk more about it. I’m happy to take time out for ANYONE who wants to know more how to help! 🙂 It just makes your child grow into the best reader he or she can possibly become!

As a surprise to my Smarties I will be giving them a special "green" party on Monday. This party is to celebrate our class progress in math. More than 80% of our kiddos passed their district math test! Yay! Each time they do this (2-3 times a quarter) I will host a fun green day. Without telling your child about why…encourage them to wear green on Monday. I can’t wait to see their faces!!!

Have a great weekend!

Jeanna Renner
1st Grade Teacher

*Are you an answer to someone’s prayer today, or are you the reason they had to pray?*

One response to “Spelling, Reading and Shhhh! A surprise!

  1. Donna Stumler-House says:

    Thanks so much for the info. We will work on these words. Monday if you get a chance I would love to talk to you again. I’m off work so anytime between 705 and 8 is great. If not after school or another time. Thanks again and have a great weekend. 🙂 Donna.

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