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on August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013

Great week!!! We accomplished so much this week because our Smarties were well behaved for the most part! We just have a few who need more time to remember the procedures. And, of course, I keep adding new procedures! This week your children learned about how to use the listening station, how to play word station games and how to do the station rotation. Tuesday I begin our reading groups.

I will begin to send books home probably the week after that. More information on that soon!

I had one question about homework. I do not believe your child needs additional paper pencil homework. I do believe that if your child does not know our first grade sight words and word family words (rhyming ones like pay, say, play, etc) then it is up to you and your child to work on that at home often until he or she masters it.

We will begin having word study tests next Friday. Our words for the week are:

all on do come here went said play

I will probably also have some skills from our phonics lessons on the assessment. Those skills are beginning and ending sounds and rhyming words.

Make sure your child can say a word and tell:

1. what sound is at the beginning

2. how to spell that sound

We finished our cycle in math and will begin looking deeper into place value and what the tens place in a number actually means. For example in the number 53, the five actually means 50. Not 5. We will do a lot of counting, grouping and writing those numbers as well as looking at which one is worth the greater amount. Results from our first cycle assessment will go home next week.

Our Grant Line literacy night will be on Thursday. I hope all of you can make it! It will be so very much worth your time. As I mentioned I will be starting reading groups next week. There are many strategies I’m using that you might not be familiar with that will help you know how to help your child at home. You will be surprised and come away equipped to be my partner in this tedious but exhilarating adventure!

Let me know if I can help you in any way and have a wonderful, restful, long weekend!


Jeanna Renner
1st Grade Teacher

*Are you an answer to someone’s prayer today, or are you the reason they had to pray?*

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