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on March 15, 2013

Having 4 kids and a full time job is exhausting! I do apologize if you call and/or text and I do not always get back with you. When I receive the message or call it isn’t always a good time to answer but then my brain forgets to remember!!! My best advice…keep trying! I promise I’m not avoiding you! Ha ha!! If you’d like to meet and talk about your child’s progress I am available…just send in a note of a few dates/times that are best for you. J

We are wrapping up the third quarter (hardly seems possible!) and we are going to finish strong with some pretty difficult math concepts and a constant push to get their reading on level or push them in writing responses to their reading (a second grade MUST). Your kids will be tired this last quarter. Please try to send them to bed around 8:00. By saying this I am not trying to be the boss of you! J I’m just trying to prevent what I am seeing…(kids literally falling asleep sitting up in class). For those of you who have volunteered in my room you know how hard that is! I’m pretty loud and goofy and the kids do lots of talking and sharing in our direct instruction times. I know the time change means that your kids will want to play outside longer and get more tired in their play because of all the physical activities they can do outside. But pretty please be mindful that we are still holding long school hours packed full of demanding curriculum.

Coming home today (hopefully) will be your child’s post test on cycle 2 of quarter 3 and (if I finish grading them) the quarter 3 CFA that we will take today. Look over it to see what we (you and I) will have to continue to teach. The post test results were AWESOME! I’m sure hoping for the same thing with our Quarterly.

I am in need of books to give away to my students! I know it seems funny to give away books from your bookshelf only to get different ones in their place…but each night that a child reads they mark a check by their names and when their row is filled they get to choose a free book. I don’t currently have any more books so the kids are kind of disappointed! L I’ve already cleaned off my shelf at home twice. J Also if you want to stop by the thrift stores and buy some cheap books that would be awesome…yard sales are also great ways to get books cheaply.

Speaking of books, I sent home the Scholastic Book Club order forms for March/April. Those are due March 22 (day before Spring Break) Don’t forget how awesome it is to order online! And your child gets a free book coupon every time they order online! That’s a cool deal!J

Here are some things coming up:

March 19 (Tuesday) Open House for Kindergarteners (pass this along to any kinders you know!)

March 20 (Wednesday) Muffins for Moms

March 23-31 SPRING BREAK

April 19: Milk Jug Day

April 19: SPRING FESTIVAL!!!!! 6:30-8:30

April 26: Petunia Pick-up 6-8

May 2: End of our Reading Program

May 3: NO SCHOOL—Oaks Day

May 20: Field Day J

May 22: Last Day of School L

Volunteers Needed:

Jump Rope for Heart Wednesday March 20—just come to school at 1:30 and head to the gym with our class and Ms. Piatt would love to have some extra hands teaching and helping out the kids.

Field Day May 20th—We always are in need of some extra hands to make things go smoothly! Please send a note in to school if you are available. It will be a half of a day in the afternoon.

Cook-out coming in May: Parents are welcome to come and eat with us…I’ll get the date for that as soon as I can!

Jeanna Renner

First Grade Teacher

Grant Line Elementary

We are all Smarties!


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