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Volunteer Sign Ups!

on December 4, 2012

If you want to come into the classroom just send me a note or email of when you would like to come. I can always use an extra set of hands! A calendar for December and January went home last week. I only got 2 back…which is totally fine. But I usually have lots more so I’m wondering if it was a particularly bad time to send it. As of now I have Mrs. Kleehamer and Mrs. Barker on the schedule. All are welcome! J

Here is the electronic copy of our latest newsletter as well:

Dear Parents:

I know it has been a while since you’ve received a newsletter! It is a very busy life we live! J Here’s what we’ve been about and what is ahead!

We have been learning about nonfiction text. Reading nonfiction is different than fiction. You have to retell the information differently, you can read it differently, it has different features that fiction books don’t need such as headings, captions, table of contents, etc. We’ve also learned about google. Yes, you heard it right, we are learning how to do good searches on google. I taught them how to look at the website under the headings to determine if the source is reputable. (websites with .org are typically more reputable for information, as well as certain names like national geographic and enchanted learning) It sure is a different world we live in!

Along with reading nonfiction we have been writing nonfiction. I think this type of writing is not only much more fun for the kids but also very easy for them. The biggest change is moving from this happened to me…to information I know about (not opinions) a thing. For us, we have been writing about animals that live in the polar regions. Today was penguin day and we’ve created our own penguins and captions to go along with them.

In math we are continuing to master addition and subtraction facts with and without manipulatives as well as reading a story problem and solving it using a number sentence.

We continue to do guided reading instruction each day and are noticing a gap forming. The gap is usually based on students who know how to read and write their sight words and those who do not. If you are not currently practicing the sight words at home with your child, please do this. I can’t do it all by myself. Please help!

We will have our Christmas tree set up this weekend and are looking forward to making some ornaments and crafts to go along with this special season of fun! Many kids have asked if we had an elf…I don’t have one right now, but I told them you never know if Santa might send one to check in on us from time to time!

Coming soon is our First Grade Reindeer Games Day! We will be doing many crafts and activities with Reindeer. One item in particular is that we will be making a reindeer on a sweatshirt using our feet and hands. We have a place to order the sweatshirts for $5.00!!! so reasonable! Please send in that money clearly marked for Reindeer Shirt with your child’s name on it as soon as you can.

This is my favorite time of year and I am looking forward to so many fun days with your child! Please know, too, that their behavior typically gets a little (okay, a lot) crazy at this time of year. I will try to be a little more understanding but sometimes that gets me into trouble and with 25 students I just can’t let them get out of control. So, please work on some positive reinforcements at home that will encourage self control and listening skills.

Coming up before Christmas Break:

Tuesday December 4 — Student of the month program

Monday December 10 —Field Trip to Louisville Science Center and IMAX

Tuesday December 18 —Reindeer Games

Christmas party…still not sure if it will be a parent party or just the firsties and Me!!! Thinking and planning…I’ll let you know soon!

Friday December 21 —last day before Christmas Break!

Monday January 7, 2013—First day of our second semester (how did that happen!?)

Jeanna Renner

First Grade Teacher

Grant Line Elementary

We are all Smarties!


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