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on September 7, 2012

Dear School Families,

We are having a great time in room 4!  I am learning so much with them and they are doing a great job learning our routines!  They learned how to stay on task while reading to themselves and while reading to a buddy.  Next week we will focus on Word work stations and Listening to reading to week after.  Once our Daily 5 is in place we will begin our reading groups.  Please continue (or start) working on those quarter one sight words.  It is important for them to not only be able to read and write them…but to be able to do it without much thinking time.  If it isn’t automatic and they have to think about it then while reading a book as they come upon those words they won’t be able to be successful.  Remember, these are kindergarten words and reading them should have already been solid before entering first grade.  Our focus will be in writing and using them to figure out new words.

In math we are continuing to develop number sense; concepts about numbers and how they work.  Keep looking for patterns and finding ways to use those hundred charts.  Counting forward and backward as well as being able to read numbers will be assessed next Friday.  Since they left kindergarten able to read numbers up to 100, our expectations will increase to 120 or more.  Many are getting the hang of it.  I will give you a sneak peek into second grade when I say that they are working with numbers in the thousands!

Our writer’s workshop has been on pause while we increase our stamina in reading.

I am still having trouble with some children while we are learning at carpet time.  Most of my lessons happen on the carpet so I’m close to them and they can see everything I’m doing.  But would you believe, that as I look out during my instruction I see children not paying one bit of attention to me, some children pulling my carpet apart, some children picking at their scabs or socks or shoes, and some children playing around with friends.  Of course, I address this in here, but it looks like it is not enough.  Please talk to your child about careful listening so they can learn lots!

Having said that, they are sweet wonderful children and have earned their first compliment party from being well behaved in the hall, in their special classes, and during our learning times.  So even though the above paragraph seems like it is all the time, as you can now see, we are doing well much of the time and have earned a wonderful prize!  Which brings me to a BIG thank you to a very talented mommy…Jessica Brumback!!!!!  She bakes the VERY best cookies in the whole world and brought us such beautiful yummy cookies in the shape of adorable watermelon slices!!!!  Isn’t she great!  Thanks, Jessica!  And to the rest of you….if you want to have a taste of her talent…head over to the Pie Kitchen on Veteran’s Pkwy!

We have been collecting:




Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  I’ll see your babies on Tuesday!


Mrs. Renner

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