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Pick Books That Fit

on August 23, 2012

Today we talked about picking just the right book. We talked about the purpose for reading…to learn, to practice fluency, and just for fun. We talked about making sure to pick books that are interesting to us. We talked about how when you carefully choose a book you should comprehend or understand it and should know most of the words. This picture is a demonstration of how shoes illustrate the model for choosing books. Shoes are chosen for a purpose… Soccer, slippers, skates, hiking boots, flip flops. They are chosen based on what you like to do…I wouldn’t buy golf shoes or snorkeling flippers because golf and snorkeling don’t interest me. We talked about shoes that were too tight represent books that are too hard. Shoes that are too big are like books that are too easy. This week and next we are focused on choosing good books and building stamina while reading. Happy Friday!!!



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