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on April 27, 2012

May 1, 2012 Smarties Newsletter

Our daily math reviews are getting better but you will continue to see that algebra. There are 3 posters in our room that, if followed, will bring them to success each time.

1. Where is the “whole”? + Last – First

2. When you know the “whole”, then subtract the other 2 numbers.

3. When you DO NOT know the “whole”, then add the other 2 numbers.

For instruction in adding 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping we will be trying out a new teaching strategy. We will be sharing kids based on their needs. Some got a 100% on their pretest while some got a 0%. That is a huge gap. So that we prevent students from sitting in a classroom bored and waiting on others we will mix things up a bit. We will group students and teach strategies that will target their specific needs. The groups will be fluid. They will change based on how well they do each week. For those who already understand this concept, enrichment, practice through stations, and further explanation on a “best” written response will be taught. I’m excited about this change and am thrilled to be able to offer your children the opportunity to show their talents to other children and teachers.

In word work we are continuing to master the year’s words. I will be sending home how well your child knows or has retained the quarter 2 and quarter 3 words. Please look through the list and see if your child needs to work on any of the words. I will reassess those who need more time to learn them in mid-May.

Many of the children are involved in some kind of Book Club. Those children only meet with me once a week and we talk about their progress in the books, the written responses and how well they are working together. Independence will be a large part of your child’s day next year. They are doing very well with it.

In writing we are continuing to practice the art of persuasion!

Upcoming Events:

May 8 PTO Meeting

May 10 and 11 Mrs. Renner absent due to husband’s doctoral hooding, etc.

May 11 Yearbook money and orders due

May 22 Summer party at 11:00 in our classroom (or TBA)

If you have any great pictures from the year, please put them on a disc and send them to me for a secret mission. 😉

I would like to have a party on the second to last day of school (May 22). I’m thinking of some kind of lemonade/beach kind of party. Is there anyone who loves to organize themed parties that would like to help me take that on? At this party I will be handing out their RIF medals, their free book, and a special gift. I’d like to have as many mommies and daddies as possible to share in this event. Earning their medals is quite a big deal and they will want to look out and see you smiling at them. So if at all possible please plan to attend a school party at 11:00 on the 22nd.

Last, we are wrapping up the year and I have noticed that some are becoming less focused and more talkative in recent days. Please talk to your child about the fun you will have in summer but that the school year is still going on and they need to keep learning and listening and being kind and respectful to everyone.


Jeanna Renner

1st Grade Teacher

Grant Line Elementary

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