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First Grade Family Adoption

on March 6, 2012

Grant Line Donation Drive for 1st grade

Dear First Grade Grant Line Parents and Families,

Here is a little background on the family that we are helping these next two weeks…

The family’s name is Mr. Derick and Mrs. Brandi Moss. They have two daughters, Maddie and Hannah. One is in 3rd grade and the other is in the 5th grade at Borden Elementary. They live on Dan Gray Rd. which was directly in the path of the tornado. When they saw the tornado headed for their house, they ran into the woods and took shelter in a ditch because they have no basement. The police said this probably saved their lives.

The house still stands, but there is damage all around them and they have no electricity. They are all living in one room of the house. They have no more money and used what they have to buy gas for a generator. The damage and destruction have kept the school bus from getting to the girls. The damage in the path and fact that they have no money for gas has prevented the girls from attending school the last two days.

We are going to ask for donations of the following:

Renner- Gas Cards/Visa Gift Cards for fuel (to run generator), storage tubs, & tarps.

Kitzmiller- Batteries, lanterns, flashlights, & coolers

Hearn- Garbage bags, storage tubs, & blankets

Ridings- Gift cards to JayC’s & cleaning supplies

Bowden- Basic toiletries & Gas Cards/Visa Gift Cards for fuel

*Even though this family is not asking for clothes, please check with your classroom teacher and see if there is another grade level that might be asking for certain sizes. We are SURE that we will use whatever you have to donate to any of the families that we are helping here at GL! *

*Please label items you are donating with the grade level you are donating to.

Thank you so much for your help in advance!

Mrs. Renner, Mrs. Kitzmiller, Mrs. Hearn, Ms. Ridings, and Mrs. Bowden

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