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Ocean Volunteers

on February 13, 2012

First, if there is a snow delay the party will still be 10:30-12:30. If there is NO school, party day will be Wednesday same time.

Ocean Lunch Volunteer List

Mrs. Renner-plates, napkins, forks, pineapples, lettuce, hotdogs

Mrs. Crone-adorable ocean cake!

Mrs. Piper–carrots and celery sliced so they curl if you can J

Mrs. Belcher–Box of Goldfish Crackers

Mrs. Buis–Ranch dip tinted green with a drop or two of food coloring

Mrs. Rogers??? Kool-Aid with gummy fish (add upon arrival)

I think we talked about that but I didn’t write it down!!!-Kool-Aid with gummy fish (add upon arrival)

Can’t remember!?–Blue Jello with fish

Can’t remember…someone volunteered to send in fish shaped cookies….

I’m a terrible organizer, huh???

If I have you down for something that won’t work, let me know. Also shoot me a message if you already talked about what you were going to bring and I forgot to write it down!!! Thanks volunteers! Should be a fun lunch and movie party!

2 responses to “Ocean Volunteers

  1. Jennifer Meyer says:

    Jennifer Meyer is bringing the fish shaped cookies 🙂

  2. I will be coming…would you like me to bring something?

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