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Oatmeal Party and Party Details

on December 14, 2011

Okay everyone…I believe my mind is swirling at this time!

Here’s the latest “dish” on who’s bringing what!

1 large canister of Quaker Oats…anyone want to make it and bring a big pot of it in Friday morning? 8-8:30 (I don’t mind making this if no one wants to tackle it! J)
Milk 2 gallons of white (for the kids to drink and a little for the oatmeal)
Small tub of butter or margarine Mrs. Piper?
Bag of chocolate chips Mrs. Funk
Bag of walnut or pecan pieces
Any color of sprinkles (like cupcake sprinkles) Mrs. Moore
Maple syrup Mrs. Funk
Canned whipped cream
Raisins Mrs. Piper?
Mini marshmallows Mrs. Wenning
Brown sugar—2 cups Mrs. Moore

Grated apples or pears (in a little bowl…most kids don’t like it, but it’s a nice touch!)
Paper/Styrofoam bowls Mrs. Fields

Paper cups for the milk Mrs. Dierking?

Styrofoam cups for the cocoa(otherwise it burns their hands) Mrs. Dierking?
Plastic spoons Mrs. Fields

Napkins Mrs. Wenning

Paper Plates Mrs. Wenning

Muffins Mrs. Meyer

Fruit Mrs. Meyer

Hot Cocoa (chocolate milk)

Kim Dierking, thank you for volunteering to bring something. How about paper cups for the milk and Styrofoam cups for the hot cocoa?

Please have your child dress in their pajamas, bring a stuffed bear, have already brought in a book from their shelf to give as a gift wrapped to “a girl” or “a boy” on Tuesday, December 20th!

One response to “Oatmeal Party and Party Details

  1. Shane Crone says:

    I’ll bring can of whipped cream and fruit. I’ve spoke with Jen Meyer and she is fine with this. Thanks!

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