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Going Strong!

on August 17, 2011

Your babies have done so well! You should be proud of them! The transition from kindergarten to first is a huge jump! More responsibilities and longer stretches of work time are expected. Your babies have risen to the challenge! Kudos to you for preparing them well for school!

Someone asked about spelling tests and I realized that I failed to mention that. We will not have spelling tests in first grade (this is a new change). We will work with words and study them but assessment is not required. While on the subject of change…we will not have homework either this year. I may do family related projects but no homework. They are being asked to do so much here that we felt, as a grade level, that we should give them more family time and time to just be a kid!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Mrs. Renner

One response to “Going Strong!

  1. Dawne says:

    Thank you so much for the updates. We greatly appreciate everthing that you do for our kiddos. You are so sweet.

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