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Supply list changes/classroom location change

You can see first grade supplies on the NAFCS website. You won’t need a green plastic folder. I have plenty of skinny markers, fat markers and dry erase markers still. Also, instead of hand sanitizer I’d love it if the boys could also get baby wipes. Last, I think 2 boxes of crayons will be enough. Between what you all bought last year and the extras I always buy we get to relax on supplies this year!!! Yippee!

Also we get to be in a different room this coming year! We will be in Mrs. Kitzmiller’s old room! I can’t wait to finish it and invite you all to come see!!! 

Last, I plan to attend the $1 movie at Regal in New Albany on July 18th. Happy Feet will be playing as well as Cats and Dogs 2. I hope some families will also be able to come!!!

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Mrs. Renner will be at RiverRun Pool today!!!

Hope to see some of you there later!!!!

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Unbelievable Year!

Dear Families,

  1. First, let me say thank you from the bottom of my heart for spoiling me so much during Teacher Appreciation Week. Your gifts were uplifting and watching the students’ faces as I opened each thing was so precious!


  1. Second, I’ve had one of my favorite years ever as a teacher. I don’t say that to everyone…I promise. This group of kids (and families) will always have a special place in my heart! J


  1. I would like to get together a couple of times this summer. I’m thinking maybe a day at the New Albany Pool and maybe one or two of the kids’ movies they re-show at 10:00am.  It would be fun to share something like that with them.  I’ll try to make a group email or group text and let you all know when and where.  But if you come across something you think would be fun then let us know!


  1. I’m sending home a few sweet treasures… I hope you enjoy them! I’m also sending a copy of the class book on what parts of the plants they like to eat. I’m shocked at how far your children have come in reading and writing!  I can tell you they are acting like first graders in many areas!  My challenge this summer will be to read up on second grade writing lessons!  They mostly are ready.  I will let you know your child’s reading level on the report card.  Remember, they are supposed to be a level 4 by the end of the year.  Then at the end of first grade they should be a level 18 to be ready for second grade.


  1. I will be keeping their writing and their binders and adding to them for next year. If you are moving or planning to be in a different room, let me know and I’ll send them home with your kiddo!  Due to our classroom staying together I will also keep the leftover supplies.  So, this summer when you buy supplies, you won’t need to buy as many.  I’ve got plenty of folders and markers.


  1. I will also send home their quarter 4 writing prompt and how I scored it. In quarter 4 they have to have 8 of the 11 things represented well.


  1. A huge thank you to the New Albany-Floyd County Education Foundation for our listening center, headphones and letter stamps.  If you have been looking for a worthy cause to begin supporting this is your answer.  The Foundation directly supports your very own children and those children in this district.  I donate to it every year and I hope you’ll look into joining me.  You might not be aware but they give $500 teacher grants to purchase things for the classroom.  I would love to send a huge shout out of thanks to them and hope you’ll support them if you get a chance!  I hope you have a fantastic summer vacation-even if it’s a stay-cation like me! 
  2. Happy Summer SmartieParents!


I wish you well,

Jeanna Renner

812 786 1008


*Don’t hesitate to call or text this summer if you have questions or are curious about things.



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100 Days Smarter!

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Special Visitor today…



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Grinch Day

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More pics from Apple day and field trip…

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Halloween Fun!

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